Charlotte Uptown at Your Fingertips

CLT Uptown

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....are up-to-date with Charlotte's dynamic uptown growth and change. Check your device: "another update?"

...quickly find entertainment venues, sports arenas, and special places of interest.

...see the location and stops of the LYNX Blue Line light rail and find the efficient Gold Rush shuttle that freely takes it's passengers to all ends of uptown.

...scroll and zoom to the campus maps of Central Piedmont Community College (CPCC) and Johnson & Wales University (JWU).

...find, with a glance, the residential areas, and zoom in to see if a residential building is an apartment, condo or townhouse.

...view the Charlotte Convention Center and quickly see all the surrounding hotels.

...zoom in and out from any point on the map and see the levels of detail change from a generalized view that shows the “lay of the land” featuring major points of interest, to highly detailed views that show directions of traffic flow, entrances to buildings, parking locations, block numbers and building address numbers. Zoom in to the Bank of America Stadium to view sectional seat numbers. the sculptures , memorials and fountains that dot the map and find the parks and follow the greenways.

... with special adaptors, project detailed views of uptown to wall map size.

...easily spot the museums, the aquatic center, the government and judicial centers, etcetera.


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